OP Labs

2022 - present
My current adventure is contributing to the Optimism Collective as Head of Product Design.


2016 - 2022
As a Staff Product Designer, I was responsible for shaping new products and leading design. I primarily focused on areas related to developer identity, recognition, and content discovery.


2014 - 2016
I had the wonderful privilege of growing with early stage Patreon as the first designer.

Work Log

I try to keep the following list updated with work that I’ve enjoyed. If you want to discuss any of this work in more detail, feel free to send me a message.


2022 - January to June
After celebrating open source feats and milestones such as NASA’s Ingenuity flight on Mars and the Arctic Code Vault, GitHub wanted to explicitly acknowledge the milestones and ongoing journey of the developer community. Achievements introduced the framework that celebrates first times, rare events, impressive accomplishments, and even the [humorous] accidents of building software.


2021 - July to December - 💖 collaboration with Brian Lovin
Repository stars are one of the core social features of GitHub and performs several jobs. Stars allow users to bookmark repositories and doubles as a popularity metric; by showing up in the activity feed, `stars` also strengthens the experience for repository discovery. Lists added functionality on top of Stars by allowing users organize their starred repositories into different lists. This unburdened Starring from needing to perform so many jobs and was received enthusiastically by the GitHub community. Over 1 million lists were created within a year of launch.

Sign up redesign

2021 - January to June - 💖 collaboration with Anthony Smith
GitHub wanted to completely rethink and restyle the tone of joining GitHub. I got to lead design on refreshing the sign up flow to reflect the optimistic, developer-centric of GitHub’s new landing experience. The terminal-style UI actually helped some folks feel like they were a developer; this sentiment aligned with GitHub's brand. Anthony and I collaborated on this; he brought in the motion and stars!

Upvotes in Discussions

2020 - August to September - 💖 collaboration with Anthony Smith
Bobby and I were pulled in to work on upvotes within Discussions ahead of a broader public launch. We designed upvotes to help surface important conversations, directing attention to the most high impact discussions without adding burden to maintainers.

Profile README

2020 - May to July
User profiles were largely structured around repositories and contribution activity, with little room for self-expression or creativity. READMEs were already ubiquitous on repositories and provided a customizable cover page for open source projects. After we shared a rough spike on Twitter, the overwhelming engagement got us building quickly. This feature was shipped as a whimsical secret and enjoyed an enthusiastic response from the community. This is my favorite project because it enabled so many funny, personal, and truly creative displays. A year later, 1.9 million READMEs had been created and 9.5 million unique users had viewed a README.

Sponsorship Goals

2020 - April to May
After Sponsors for Organizations came out of beta, I worked on an update that gave users the option to to set a sponsors or sponsorship goal.

Sponsors for Organizations

2020 - January to May
After collaborating with Kat on GitHub Sponsors, I returned to help bring this program to organizations on GitHub. I led design and onboarding for organizations participating in the beta ahead of a broader public launch.


2019 - November to December
As my time on experimental projects ended, I was asked to design and pitch a new vision for project management on GitHub. Once the foundation was shaped, I was given a option to work on OSS products, which I eagerly took.


2019 - February to October
I was very fortunate to work on some experiments within GitHub. This was a huge growing year for me in terms of learning how to scope, sequence, and socialize ideas within a large organization. These projects did not ship, but did later influence code workflow products at GitHub. Thank you, thank yoouuu, Max, for giving me this opportunity.